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About This Site

I spend a lot of time on the web…a LOT. Some of that time is for entertainment, but a much of the time I’m looking for stuff for my next DYI or nerdy project. Whether it’s finding a new shed or a way to backup my data to the cloud, I’m always looking for the best products. I used to keep a list of things in a text file with prices, pros, and cons. Later I made a private web server in my basement to keep track of stuff I wanted to buy. The logical next step was make my lists public to share with everyone. So here we are. Enjoy.

Affiliate Disclamer

Certain links on this site direct you to products or services that provide a commision to me if you choose to purchase. I only list products or services I have reviewed or tested myself. I have not been given any free products or services in exchange for listing them on this site. The commissions I earn help to offset the costs of keeping this website alive and motivate me to keep producing good content.

Privacy Policy

My privacy policy is simple: I don’t sell or share any of your information. Period.

Cookies are used on this site when you use the contact form. Third party cookies may be used when you cl1ck an external link. I will do my best to only link to sites that aren’t spammy or creepy with their cookies.

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